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For  questions, compliments, comments, or concerns, please email us at or call us toll free at (888) 983-6017.



Because we are liquidating our inventory, all sales are final. No exchanges, returns, or refunds. If you have not previously purchased our products, we recommend making a test purchase before buying a larger quantity.

This sale is while supplies last, but it may be ended by us at any time.

No coupons or other discounts may be used with the liquidation sale.



Purchases from may be returned within 45 days of the purchase, no questions asked. Return shipping for purchases from this website is also free and covered by us.

If you received a discount at the time of your purchase based on the quantity of items you purchased, the discount will be removed if you return items that drop you below the required quantity of items to qualify for the discount and refunds will be paid accordingly. For example, if you purchase 5 black HTV vinyl packs and get 10% off as a result, after returning 4 vinyl packs and receiving refunds, you will have paid full price for the 1 pack you kept. 

To make a return, simply forward your Order Confirmation email to and indicate which specific items you'd like to return. We'll respond right away.

To return one of our products you purchased from somewhere other than this site (e.g., Amazon), please consult the policies and procedures of that place of purchase.

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Combining of discounts and/or promotions is not permitted.