Our Heat Press Recommendation

We often get asked if we sell heat presses, and the answer is that we don't. The next question we usually get is, "Do you have a heat press you can recommend?" The answer to that question is, Yes!

If you're asking for a heat press recommendation, chances are this is going to be your first heat press. And we think this Fancierstudio 15 x 15 Sublimation Heat Press is a GREAT first heat press!


Simple yet effective, this heat press is great for pressing everything from t-shirts, to pillow cases, to framed canvas, and much more. Plus you'll get the temperature and timing exactly right every time thanks to its digital temperature gauge and timer. Most importantly, you can really ratchet up the pressure on this bad boy to make sure that you get a press that lasts! At around $180, this machine is pretty darn reasonable given how large it is and how expensive heat presses can get.  

In the spirit of full disclosure, we'd like you to know that we have an affiliate relationship with Amazon and are compensated for purchases made using the links above. However, that in no way affects our choice of this heat press as our recommendation. We think it's a great machine that will help you make great projects time and time again!